Bi-Monthly Coaching Package

In this exclusive coaching package, you will gain access to an extraordinary opportunity to transform your life. Having two powerful, sixty-minute facetime/phone calls with me every month, where we dive deep into your challenges and craft ingenious strategies to overcome them. Drawing from my unparalleled 19 years of business experience and the wisdom instilled in me by some of the greatest minds, you will be equipped with an arsenal of proven tips and tricks.By land on this page, it's a testament to your belief in my ability to deliver results, both for myself and others. And let me assure you, your faith is well-placed. The impact I can have on your life is immeasurable. ‍Your stability, confidence, and happiness are paramount. Once you achieve that state of mind, you'll be able to extend your care and support to those around you, creating a ripple effect of positive change. By choosing me as your coach, you gain an ally who is deeply invested in your success. To begin this remarkable transformation, sign up now. You can find me on Instagram at @iamjoshgalindo.
$ 995.00 USD


Don't Just Take It From Me - See What Our Past Students Have To Say
"Josh took me in with a 556 credit score, living in my mom's bedroom with no car to a 700+ credit score, now I am a savvy real estate investor that understands investing. I am a proud owner of a beautiful home in Summerlin, driving a luxury vehicle I once fantasized about."
Daniel Jones
"I was working as a valet driver at the M Resort & ready to graduate engineering school where I'd be earning a kush 80k+ a year job until Josh's techniques changed my life & now I own multiple rentals & own one of Las Vegas' largest real estate wholesaling companies. I couldn't have done it without you, Josh!
Ryan Cassum
I was working 60+ hours a week earning a meager salary. I met Josh & learned how he navigates his world. I watched, implemented & now I am the CFO of one of Las Vegas’s Largest real estate investment firms, overseeing 80+ rental portfolio & 6 business. I've made a small fortune and love what I do.
Barbara Nicholson


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