No more excuses, no more I cants , no more victim mindset, yes your parents were shit heads, but that doesn't mean you have to be, let's get the mind right so we can get the body right, so we can get the bank roll right, then you can start taking care of others around you.

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Need to meet with me? These meetings are an hour long & consist of whatever material you want to bring to the table. This can be a new business idea or a quick sit down to talk about business or life.

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Mindset Coaching with Josh Galindo


Your mindset is everything. No goal is achievable without the proper mindset. A strong one is the first step to success.

Home Flipping With Josh Galindo

How To Flip Homes

Ready to flip homes like a pro? With over 1100 homes flipped, learn the skills & strategies to maximize profits and succeed in the real estate market.

Parenting And Marriage With Josh Galindo

Parenting & Marriage

Having hated my wife as much as I’ve loved her at times, I've learned ways to achieve a happy & successful marriage, all while parenting 4 children under 10, growing a business, & surviving breast cancer.
A successful, happy marriage doesn’t happen, without intention.  

Josh Galindo Las Vegas Mentor And Coaching

Throughout my life, I have achieved remarkable feats. I own 80+ rental properties, have successfully flipped 1,000+ homes, established  5 thriving businesses, built a team of 100+ agents, and have been blessed with a loving wife and 4 children.Growing up, I was raised by a single mother. Although she did an exceptional job, she could never fill the void left by my absent father.

His absence plunged me into a world of turmoil. I found myself entangled in gangs, immersed in destructive behaviors involving sex, drugs, and alcohol. My academic and personal life were in shambles, spiraling towards failure. Then, at the age of 16, I was ripped from my bed and taken to Ensenada, Mexico where I was stripped of every freedom I once took for granted.

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Don't Just Take It From Me - See What Our Past Students Have To Say
"Josh took me from a 556 credit score, living in my mom's basement with no car to a 700+ credit score & now I am a savvy real estate investor that understands investing. I am a proud owner of a beautiful home in Summerlin, driving the luxury vehicle I once fantasized about."
Daniel Jones
"I was working as a valet driver at the M Resort & ready to graduate engineering school where I'd be earning a kush $80k+ a year job until Josh's techniques changed my life & now I own multiple rentals & own one of Las Vegas' largest real estate wholesaling companies. I couldn't have done it without you, Josh!"
Ryan Cassum
I was working 60+ hours a week earning a meager salary. I met Josh & learned how he navigates his world. I implemented his techniques & now I am the CFO of one of Las Vegas’s largest real estate investment firms, overseeing 80+ rental portfolios & 6 businesses. I've made a small fortune and love what I do."
Barbara Nicholson