1 Hour Meeting w/ Josh Galindo

Need to meet with me? These meetings are an hour long & consist of whatever material you want to bring to the table. This can be a new business idea or a quick sit down to talk about business or life.
$ 249.00 USD


Don't Just Take It From Me - See What Our Past Students Have To Say
"Josh took me in with a 556 credit score, living in my mom's bedroom with no car to a 700+ credit score, now I am a savvy real estate investor that understands investing. I am a proud owner of a beautiful home in Summerlin, driving a luxury vehicle I once fantasized about."
Daniel Jones
"I was working as a valet driver at the M Resort & ready to graduate engineering school where I'd be earning a kush 80k+ a year job until Josh's techniques changed my life & now I own multiple rentals & own one of Las Vegas' largest real estate wholesaling companies. I couldn't have done it without you, Josh!
Ryan Cassum
I was working 60+ hours a week earning a meager salary. I met Josh & learned how he navigates his world. I watched, implemented & now I am the CFO of one of Las Vegas’s Largest real estate investment firms, overseeing 80+ rental portfolio & 6 business. I've made a small fortune and love what I do.
Barbara Nicholson


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